Gears and racks

We produce straight and helical tooth racks up to length of 3000 mm in the modules M1 - M20 in our own technological fleet.
Also we offer gears (cogwheels) with straight and helical tooth profile up to the 3,200 mm diameter with potential
induction hardening, within modules M1-M20.
Should you wish to receive the price quotation for gears and / or racks meeting your requirements, please click here.


  • Straight and helical gearing, +/- 30°
  • Production of gearing on various profiles - square, circular, rectangular
  • Production of double-sided gearing
  • Serial and custom production
  • Rack grinding - quality of grinded gearing meets Quality Classes 4, 5, 6 or 7
  • Standard quality of gearing meets Quality Class 8 or 9
  • Steel milling with induction hardening option directly in our production plant
  • Other materials according to the customer specifications (stainless steel, bronze, aluminium alloy, or plastic)
  • Heat treatment - quenching and tempering, induction hardening, case hardening, nitrition
  • Surface finish options - galvanising, chroming, blackening and in the case of aluminium alloys anodizing
  • Further finishing per customer drawings - drilling etc.
  • Custom production in the imperial system available as well


  • Internal involute toothing
  • Gear grinding up to the 360/400 mm diameter
  • Use of other materials per the customer specifications (stainless steel, bronze, aluminium alloy, plastics) 
  • Heat treatment - case hardening, nitriding
  • Surface finish options - galvanising, chroming, blackening, in the case of aluminium alloys, anodizing
  • Further treatment per the customer specifications - internal toothing, drilling etc.

Timing pulleys

Our production is mainly focused on T-type timing pulleys (T-belt profile), HTD (M-belt profile), AT (AT-belt profile) and CTB (L, HL, H, XH-belt profiles). However, we offer a complete range of timing pulleys and shafts to our customers, especially units custom-made per the customer drawings.
Our pulleys are to be used with all the types of timing belts.
The pulley design may be full hub (with/without pre-drilled hole) and with a hole for the Taper Lock bushing. Our pulley materials are mainly steel, phosphate cast iron, and aluminium alloy.

As additional service, we press the pulley sides to the desired thickness.
We balance the pulleys upon the customer request.

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